Monday, June 25, 2007

Call from a President.

Me: "Hello"

President Carter (Pres.):"James? This is Jimmy Carter, how are you?"

Me: "Not bad considering I'm laid up on the couch with a broken leg."

Pres.:"Did you fall off a ladder or something?"

Me: "No sir, motorcycle accident."

Pres.: "Oh, um, your not to old for that sort of thing?"

LMAO...and so went my latest conversation with Jimmy Carter.  I was really happy he called because since I'd talked to him last I seen a special on Discovery Channel about 3 mile Island and his part in it. To say it impressed me would be an understatement, and I had been hoping I'd get to talk to him about it. The funniest thing was when he told me, "Before I got back into farming that was my field, Nuclear Submarines." I knew that, but what a drastic jump in careers. Farmer, Nuclear Physicist (no joke), leader of the free world, then back to farming. Yikes.

Anyway, we got his DVR problem fixed over the phone, and had a nice conversation.

That's pretty cool.

Staples removed.

Deb's mom came by Saturday so I put her to work taking staples out of my leg. It was three days early, but it was obvious that it was past time, the wound is completely closed. The leg pictures look a little gross because she had me put ointment on it after taking the staples out.

It was a pretty slow weekend around here. Since there wasn't anyone here on Saturday to watch me fall down, I didn't do a damn thing. Yesterday we put together a new bike for Lyndsay, then didn't do much else. I did get to screw around in the shed a little bit. We also went out to eat, then visited at a friends house until damn near midnight.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Starting to move around here.

Well, things are looking a little better here each day. I think my ass bone is finally getting better. I'm able to move around quite a bit and not turn white and scare everyone into thinking I"m going to pass out at any minute.

We got the car back from the body shop Tuesday, so since yesterday was Deb's day off we spent most of it waxing it. It's quite a pain to hop around, but it's better than sitting still all day. I'm using a new wax system that takes several steps, but when it was done it was worth the trouble. I did find a couple of spots of orange peal (hidden) and a spot of overspray that isn't hidden at all. I hope they can do something about it. It looks as if the tape wasn't stuck in one spot to the paper, and quite a bit of paint got through. We'll see what they say.

Anyway, I won't complain today. I think things are turning to the better for a change.

Monday, June 18, 2007

A couple pictures.

We had a pretty good fathers day here. The Formula 1 race was in the US this weekend, so I had better coverage than usuall. F1 is the most popular motorsport in the world, but as is normal, here in the states it takes a back seat to racing series that go in circles. I mean really, who would even think of turning left in a race, right?

Anyway, Deb built a nice BBQ and had most of the gang over. I had my brace off most of the day. Debs mom said the more it is exposed to air, the sooner the wound will heal. I'm not bending it or putting pressure on it, so don't worry. My ass has yet to quit hurting, but I've sort of just learned to ignore it for as long as possible. All medication is done, so no more giving myself blood thinner shots...YYEEAAAA!

I'm not as depressed now either. There really isn't any point in it after all. I think Lyndsay is having a better summer vacation actually because she gets to stay here and swim and play with her stuff rather than stay with her mom at work or grandma and be bored. She does a fine job of fetching things for me too.

I've started doing a couple of my normal weekly reports to take the pressure off right hand man Al. He did the same for me while he was out, and I can sit at the computer for short lengths of time now.

Ok, that's enough for now. I'll just sit and wait for pictures of Dads new garden tractor.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

All gear, all the time.

About two weeks before my accident, Deb and I had a conversation about motorcycle gear, and did it need to be worn all the time. I think I started it by bitching about how hot it was at stoplights with my jacket on. Anyway, I went on to tell her that when you didn't think you needed it is when you would need it. Truthfully I was as much trying to set an example for all these boys with their bikes as anything. Of course, I'd had the "$50 helmet for your $50 head" conversation with all of them several times as well. (For the record, my helmet lists for around $500, but I got a deal on ebay.)

Anyway, for some reason after that conversation I did take a couple rides without my jacket. Usually just down to get cigs, and short runs. I wasn't wearing it for the accident. Lost quite a bit of skin on my right arm too. You can bet I'll be wearing it from now on.

What brings this up was a comment that buddy Greg made the day he came to visit me in the hospital. "You should have been wearing Alpinestars bubba." Yep, I should have been. I'm not absolutely sure it would have saved my bones, but I'd about bet on it. These are Alpinestars:

Now there are a lot of company's that make sport riding boots, so it's almost like a "velcro" thing to call them Alpinestars. They were the first, and are still at the top of the heep when it comes to motorcycle gear. Also, it's one of those things....they are not comfortable to walk around in, they are sort of "geeky" looking, but you can bet that when this is over I'll be wearing the damn things, and my jacket, and probably the kevlar riding jeans as well. This hasn't scared me off of the bike, but it has made me painfully aware of the saying from one of the web sites I frequent: All Gear, All The Time.

A little better mood today.

Well, things aren't so gloomy this morning. I was able to get 6 solid hours of sleep, in my bed....without the leg brace, but good sleep anyway. My leg doesn't really hurt very often, so I took it out of the brace and put it in a foam "channel" support that we took when I left the hospital. That way I couldn't really move around enough to get things in a bind, but could lay flat and comfortable enough to sleep in my bed. What a wonderful thing that was.

I tried out some crutches yesterday. I was amazed at how quickly they wore me out, but I'm much faster on them. This damn walker is a slow way to go outside the house. It hurt my arm pits a little as well, but I'm planning to use them a little each day to get used to them. If I do talk work into letting me come back crippled, there is no way I could do it with a walker.

Deb's mom is coming by this afternoon to change the dressing over my staples. She will also be the one to remove the staples in a week or so. The doctor was going to set up home health care to come by, but insurance wouldn't cover it because it wasn't called for when I was released from the hospital. No mind though, I'd rather she did it anyway.

Anyone that wants to send me some info on a Missouri family law attorney that would be willing to work with me through email and phone, I'd apreciate it. We've attempted a few contacts, but no bites yet.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A trip to the doctor.

Yep, still frustrated.

The doctor seemed happy with my healing process. He took an X-ray to show me what's going on in there.....a hell of a lot of screws! I couldn't believe how many screws are in one area; it looked like a kid got ahold of a screw gun. There is also a long plate going down the outside of my leg with a few more screws thrown in for extra measure.

It was the first time I'd been out since leaving the hospital, so that was kind of exciting, but I don't think I did that well. I haven't been taking pain pills since Sunday, but I should have took one before we left.

He tells me that there is no way I'll even be moving my leg for three more weeks. No weight for six. Hmmm....I've got a max of three weeks of vacation money left. I'm not sure how I plan to make that work. Man, of all the times I wish I had AFLAC.

Sleeping it probably the one thing that bothers me the most. I'm not one to have a problem sleeping.....ever. Well, I'm not coping to well with sleeping in a chair. I did make if for about 4 hours last night in that was nice.

As I type this Deb is on the phone with my insurance lady, and a fax is coming in with more paperwork to fill out. I do believe she's got a handle on it. From the sound of things I'll owe the hospital $500....when Celeste checked it last my bill was at $32,000.

Alrighty...enough belly aching for today.


Monday, June 11, 2007

Update from the front.

Well, I'm still living. I'm trying everything I can think of to be able to sit in front of this computer without pain. I'm only a week in, and very frustrated at my own helplessness. I'm not taking any pain medication right now, and haven't for two days. My leg very seldom hurts, and the little pain I do have I can live with better than be forever constipated.

The main source of my frustration is my tailbone. There is just no way to get comfortable in an upright sitting position right now, and I can't say that I notice it getting any better. I've got an appointment with my surgeon tomorrow so I'll know more about how long I'll be this way then.

I can't knock my support team, that's for sure. Deb has done everything possible to make me comfortable. Lyndsay has been stepping up to the plate as well, getting my lunch and hooking up my "leg cooler" when mom is at work. Friends and family have went far out of their way as well.

This is a bummer entry, but maybe the coming days will see some improvement, eh?