Sunday, July 8, 2007

1st week back to work.

I've got no pictures for you this week, and if I did they would be boring anyway. I started back to work Tuesday, going to Montgomery early every morning and holding the office down. Luckily Al has an "extra" vehicle we could borrow, so Deb has been driving his Explorer and I've been taking the gas hog Charger. Actually, I've kept my foot out of it and been getting 20 mpg so I guess I won't complain to much, but it's a 90 mile trip one way, so the gas bill does add up. I use crutches while I'm up there and still hate them but have gotten somewhat used to them now.

I'll be happy to get back to normal and I'm sure Deb will be glad too because she's been getting up at 5 am fixing my lunch and getting me out the door every morning.

I go to my first physical therapy appt. this Tuesday. Also my school starts back up this week, so it looks like this will be a busy week.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Doctor visit...latest.

Well, the doc is happy with progress. He was really happy with the amount of extension I have with my knee already. I didn't tell him it's because I haven't worn the brace much in the past week and a half. Then he suprised me by saying I don't have to wear the damn thing anymore. By his timeline I've got another month with no weight bearing, then I start 25% per week 'til the fourth week and I should be walking.

Soooo...if you break your leg like I did basically write off three months.

I going to work in the morning in Montgomery and will be doing that for a while. It's better than not making money sitting at home.

Thanks mom and dad for the "extra".