Thursday, May 22, 2008

Up late on a work night.

I'm not a big fan of going out when I have to work the next day. I'm not much of a fan of going out at all really, though someone who didn't go "clubbing" would probably think we are quite the bar fly's.

We try to support any of our friends who are in local bands by going to see them when they play. We actually know a lot of musicians, but mainly just our close friends draw us out. None of them do a lot of gigs, and they really like to see a familiar face in the crowd. My mechanic/welder buddy Mike is a drummer at night. The bands he joins very seldom stay together long enough to get an actual paying job, so when he called today saying he was playing this evening I knew we had to go. He is very talented, and so are most of the folks he hooks up with, but those band types just don't get along to well. Anyway, we went to see him this evening.

Deb and I are actually pretty ruthless on the folks that hang out in these bars. It is pretty much a freek show anywhere you go anyway, but the type of people that go to bars on Thursday night was worth the price of admission just for us to make fun of them. Just tonight we saw Charlie Manson, Bob's Big Boy, a cro-magnon cavewoman, a very fat girl who didn't know she was fat and had her ass hanging out, some women that thought they were men...well, you get the picture. The music was not really our taste, but Mike did a great job for the band.....and we made fun of folks for a couple hours.


Friday, May 16, 2008

Another video.

I won't say where I got the link for this one, but let's just say it wouldn't look quite right on My Country Life....just sayin'.