Monday, February 26, 2007

Poor photography.


I'm really piss poor at remembering to take pictures of our adventures. These few shots show that even an expensive phone doesn't take very good pictures....these were the few times in the past week I happened to think to take a picture. I think it's time to get one of the newer "slim" camera's with the nice big preview that actually fits in my pocket so I'll have it for these occasions. The canon we've been using was bought 3 years ago as a Christmas present to ourselves. It still takes pretty good pictures, but you damn sure know you've got a camera with you.'ll just have to take my word for it that the past week was a very full one for me and Deb. I started on Monday with a trip to a pretty sorry excuse for a casino in Mississippi. The meeting was ok though, with me getting an award for being around longer that just about any one, and winning a surround sound system as well as a cordless drill...neither of which I needed. I think one of the kids will end up with the surround sound.....more than likely the kid who's motorcycle I possess. I'm thinking the drill will go to one of my newer guys that is trying his best to make his numbers, but doesn't have a lot of disposable income yet. Yeah, time to give for a change.

Both Deb and I knocked off early on Saturday and headed to Macon to hang with some friends. After breakfast on Sunday we headed north to Atlanta for a very large motorcycle show at the World Congress center in downtown, right next to the Georgia Dome. I did find out that the underground parking is NOT suitable for dually trucks, but we made it in and out with literally inches to spare and the only casualty was the cell antenna on the roof, and a few days off Debs life from being nervous. It was worth the drive, and we will be going next year for sure. We went with some Harley riding friends of ours, but luckily all brands were represented so everyone came away happy. Both of us tried out the new Gold Wing for a bit, and I got to drool on a few unobtainable bikes like the entire Ducati line as well as the new model Triumphs.

After the show we headed back south a ways to drop in on a friend who lives in Locust Grove, a suburb of Atlanta. We only stayed about an hour because our faithful babysitter, Debs mom, had certainly done her part and didn't really need to be up late waiting on us. We got home around 10 pm, and I was back out the door this morning at 6:30 to head to Montgomery to train a big crop of new guys.

We may be working hard, but we are taking time to do fun stuff in between. Dad always reminds me that I'm not taking any of this shit with me to the grave, so we are doing what we can to have a good time every once in a while. Yeah, I'm listening Dad.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

What's going on at the Command?


Well, as usual, I'm not keeping up with the journal worth a crap. The current excuse is work has been keeping me VERY busy. I did steal enough time to extend my fence around the side of the house so I have a place to stash all the tractors and stuff without taking up the entire back yard. I'll take a picture of it eventually...but probably not soon. It's dark now, and I'm heading to Philadelphia, MS. to a managers meeting in the morning. We'll arrive at an Indian ran casino tomorrow afternoon with a meeting for about half a day on Tuesday, then head back. I think the main reason they have us field supervisors going is because they have put us back on salary so they want to "bring us into the fold". I've been with them long enough that I've been through this before, but it will be good to see some of the guys from our other offices that I know.

We had our friends down from Atlanta this weekend so I didn't get much done other than cheat on the diet a little. We ate at Texas steakhouse for dinner last night. The food was really good but the waitress sucked. I didn't have desert, but the baked potato was cheating. We had IHOP this morning and I had a damn tasty egg sandwich, and of course the bread was cheating, but we've sent Tina and Billy back north and are back on track now.

This afternoon this arrived....

It was pretty cold by 5:30 but I still managed a quick ride using a borrowed helmet. Yeah, it was fun.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Flash! Motorcycle found.

Here's an update to the update. I'll have a motorcycle to use very soon. Lany and her man live in an apartment complex and he hasn't been comforable leaving his bike parked there...because someone had already knocked it over once. It has been parked at his dads out in the country for the past couple months. My idea was to pay him for the use of it while I got comfortable enough with it to take the test. His idea is to take the money I was going to give him and fix the few things that got damaged when the neighbor knocked it over.  Now that's a plan I can live with. I'll get some pictures up when the bike arrives, but I will give this hint....although it's a Honda, it isn't exactly what one would call a touring bike...or a cruiser. One last hint...CBR F4.


Oh, in other news, me and Deb are back to dieting. I'm down 10 pounds and motivated....hell, I've got to catch up with dad! He's weighed less than me for serveral months.

I hate to jinx things, but all is going pretty damn well here.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Small update.

Ok, I got the hint. Last night I read through the motorcycle test book, then I went down and took the written portion of the motorcycle test this afternoon between jobs. I missed 1 out of 40 questions and could have missed 10 and still passed. Now I need to find a motorcycle to practice on before I go take the ridden part. The "learners" permit will allow riding during daylight, without a passenger. I had planned to go re-new my conceiled carry permit too, but duty called and took up the rest of my day. I'll have to do it next week as tomorrow I'm heading to south Georgia on my day off to do some side work for a contractor that sends me work from time to time. I've got to get my CCW renewed though, because what's more American than riding a motorcycle around with a gun on your side?