Tuesday, November 14, 2006

More from Halloween night.

I kind of went off on a tangent on the last one, so...back to Halloween.

After I returned to the house Halloween night, everyone was getting prepped for trick or treating. Deb's hand was swelling rapidly, but I don't think any of us knew how bad it was. The girls were out for a couple of hours, came back for a bit, then went to Deb's moms house. She is a retired nurse, and when she seen the hand she basically ordered Deb to head to the emergency room.

I'll say at this point that Deb doesn't "do" pain very well, so it's very hard to tell if something is a real problem, or if she is being a wimp. Evidently the doc decided to err on the side of real pain, because he gave her MORPHINE! I couldn't believe that. And I doubt Deb will want any again either, because she go pretty ill when she started coming off of it. X-rays were taken and a few hours later (it was the emergency room after all) she was sent home. The two oldest daughters took turns staying with her, and I was home with baby Morgan. We usually have Morgan on Tuesday nights because Debs day off is Wednesday.

Well, when they arrived home I was glad that I sent Morgan home with her parents at around midnight, because it was pretty obvious that Deb wasn't going to be able to use her hand for a few days. She was off work through the week, but is back now and her hand is nearly back to normal now.

And so went Halloween 2006...I could have used a bit less excitement, but it is what it is.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Goodbye Rosie the Rot...sorry it ended this way.

I've been putting this one off for a few days. To tell the truth, I've lost sleep over it, which sort of surprises me. I'll start with the story that kicked it all off.

First I'll start by saying the only pet that we've ever had that was something I wanted was Gina the prairie dog. Other than that I've never been asked, or listened to, when it comes to what animal picks up residence around here....so it was with Rosie the Rottweiler....

She was brought to the house by Arick during the time he was staying and going to school down here. I put up a fight, and as usual, I was the only one that noticed. Short version of this part is that Arick headed back north, Rosie stayed here.

I liked Rosie just fine. She was a great watch dog but had shown some aggression towards a kid once prompting me to spend a fortune in money and time erecting a fence. The problem then was that she was strong enough to get through it, so then I enlisted dads help to electrify that fence...fixed that problem.  We had a small house dog that ended up dead that I think Rosie probably killed, but I'm not sure about that. She had bit my buddy Al, but I think she was just doing her job at the time....NOBODY that didn't belong come in the back yard with my stuff without me being there. She did listen to any order I gave and acted immediately if I told her to do something....which is why she lasted as long as she did.

I knew when it was obvious that we were moving back to town that there would be a problem, and I stated so. Of course once again, I was the only one paying attention....

And I sure didn't think the problems would arise so soon...

The first night at the new house she broke out once. The next morning she woke me up early barking. I was mad enough then to kick the shit out of her.

That evening Deb was at the fence warning the neighbor kids to stay away from the fence, and apologizing for the barking that morning. Somehow Deb's useless house dog got into the back yard with them and Rosie decided she was a snack. At that point Deb intervened and pretty much got her hand mangled for her trouble....the pictures tell the story. I can only say that I wish we had still been in the country at that moment so I could have popped her right then and there while I was in a rage....instead I got to take a thirty minute ride to the country to do what had to be done. That thirty minutes made things very hard for me at the trips end. I think it also made it hard to quit thinking about it several times a day every since. I've shot men and not felt as bad afterwards...of course, they were shooting at me.

Who I blame:

Me for even having her in town in the first place.

Deb for not listening when I said it wasn't going to work.

Cocoa the idiot biscuit eater for going back there knowing the Rosie wanted to eat her.

I can't blame Rosie, though she had to pay for it. We all knew how she was, and what she was capable of. We put her in the position to do something like this.

I'm sorry Rosie, I did like you.

Thursday, November 9, 2006

Some pictures for the gang.

Ok, here are a few pictures. As you can imagine, things have been pretty busy, but not to bad. These are a few pictures from the past couple weeks including some from Halloween. There was more excitement Halloween night but there is enough there for another entry, so I'll save that story for now. Things are coming together here at the new place and we get a couple things done each evening. I've still got equipment to move and store, along with the shed move which hasn't happened yet.

Thursday, November 2, 2006

Roast Beef sandwiches, concerts, and still moving.

Well, the girls are at a concert tonight leaving me to my own devices for dinner. That happens very seldom around here, but I don't mind because there was leftover roast beef in the fridge. I'd rather have a roast beef sandwich that eat it with a regular meal.

I've finally got all the computer equipment in and running here at the new place. My desk will need some modifications because the new room is about 1 foot wider, but my right hand man Al already has a plan to fill in the gap created in the center.  I was able to install extra electical outlets before bringing everything over so that is nice to have in an office. The phone finally got turned on, and my fax line is working. I'm loving the speed of the cable modem over my old DSL. I will need to run my XM radio antenna to the south side of the house because I'm not getting good signal from the desk like I did in the old house. I've still not downloaded any picture but wonder if it's even worth while. After all, how exciting is pictures of our almost moved into house? I've still got to get all my "heavy equipment" moved up here this weekend, and really need to use the Walker mower here to clean up the leaves in the back yard. The big shed move has yet to happen, and I can't afford to pay the guy to move it anyway. It's fine where it is, but I'll be happy to have all my stuff handy here.

I've completed my surface grinding project at school, and will start heat treating on Monday. This is sort of a boring quarter, but still good stuff to know in the long run.

In other news, John Kerry is starting to be one of my favorite politicians....in an election month that looked pretty grim for the republicans, he is managing to turn things around for us with his stupid assed comments about how dumb soldiers are. Keep talking you friggin' idiot!

See ya'll later.