Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I may be putting the cart before the horse on this one, because I haven't even tried it yet.

Geocaching is a hobby that involves folks hiding things, then going to a web site and giving the coordinates for it so other folks can go find it. From what I can tell, a lot of these aren't easy to find even when you have the coordinates. You just input the data in your GPS, and go for a hunt. I wouldn't even be posting this, as I'm sure it seems like a wild waste of time to most, BUT.....if your going on a motorcycle ride to no-where in particular, why not have a few things to look for while your out? I've been sitting here this evening entering Caches in my Garmin, and most of them are in public parks and old cemetaries....just the type of place you might want to take a hike through.

Anyhow, just passing it on. I think Lyndsay and I just found something to do, when there's nothing else to do.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

A day at the drag strip.

No pictures from todays run as I went by myself this time. Deb was busy buying groceries and cleaning house in preparation for visitors this week.

I went out with a car club called Musclecar Evolution. It is a very large club and this was one of the last open drags of the season so the turn out was great. Lots of fast street cars, and the track was prepped nicely for a change. I was able to stomp it rather than baby it out of the lights. I improved everything but my elapsed time! Part of the problem is 200 pounds of subwoofer enclosure that wasn't back there before. I also had WAY to much gas in the tank. But anyway, it was a lot of fun and I only lost one run out of five. I beat a Corvette, a GTO, and a Superbee which is basically a yellow version of my car. It's probably the last chance I'll get this year, so I made the most of it. There was a lot of video taken, so if I make the edit, I'll post a link to it.


"Edit":I should have known the first video posted would be the one I lost!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Today's ride.

Well, don't get your hopes up about the ride pictures. I couldn't for the life of me figure out a way to take pictures while under way. It's a shame, because it was a pretty route. Of course we were running at about 8/10ths the whole time which required a bit of concentration anyway, but I couldn't have ran the camera even at a slow pace. I'm going to figure a way to mount it so all I've got to do it push the buttons.

There wasn't a big turnout at the track, but there was enough to make it exciting. Round trip door to door was exactly 130 miles, and the padded biker shorts helped quite a bit.

Considering the bikes in our group my little ride did quite well. I had the smallest of the four with 400cc, the next was the Aprilia at 450 but it's a twin cylinder race bike with about 65 HP. The Husky was a 610 thumper, and the lone sport bike was a CBR600RR just like the one I was riding last summer. He had his son riding, so he didn't mix it up with us in the curves. It was enough fun that I'll not go into details for my wifes sake. She still freeks out every time I ride anyway.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Getting back to normal...I think.

Ok, things are slowing back to normal I think. I've got a ride planned tomorrow to Barnsville, GA with a couple other Supermoto guys to watch a race at the Black Hills Circuit.

I'm still having tailbone troubles from my mishap, so I stopped at Mike's Bikes and got me some bicycle riding shorts with the padded ass. That should help, and since one of the riders in the group is on what could basically be called a race bike with tags, we will be taking fuel stops pretty often. This is what his bike looks like:

I guess I could put up with constant fuel stops if I was on the sexy beast anyway, but it should give my tailbone a rest too. It's about an 80 mile ride one way, but the route is nice and curvy and mostly all county road rather than boring 4 lane. It should be great, and I'll take some pictures to share as well.