Monday, April 30, 2007

A motorcycle riddle, of sorts.


Deb has been worrying me to do this entry, so I guess I'd better get after it. It's a riddle of sorts, but don't try to hard to figure it out, I'll post a picture or two tomorrow.

I consider myself a Honda man, but this is a Suzuki.

It's not a touring bike, I just can't afford what I want in that arena, so it will have to wait.

It's not a cruiser, those really aren't my style.

Nope, not a sportbike. Having several here all the time have made me realize I'd end up in jail or dead if I'd have bought one. They are just not fun when going slow.

It isn't a dirt bike, though most would mistake it for such. think you've got me....Enduro/dual sport? NOPE.

It does have passenger pegs, though I doubt the passenger would be very comfy back there.

I will say that it's the most fun of anything I've ridden lately....and I've ridden a lot of bikes lately. It doesn't require 12,000 rpm to reach it's horsepower peak, but doesn't make a helluva lot of horsepower anyway. Insurance is dirt cheap. I've gotten 50 mpg out of my first two fill ups. NO, it's not a damn moped!

The kids I ride with think I'm crazy and keep asking if I'm still happy with my decision...I am.

That's it. I'll unveil tomorrow evening.

Friday, April 13, 2007

And even more rock moving the hard way.

And even more rock moving the hard way.

And finally, some views of the nearly finished project.

More red neck landscaping.

More red neck landscaping.

In this one you can see that between posing for the camera, Lyndsay does do her job...she's brushing off the forks so we don't trail gravel everywhere.

Mother-in-law landscaping.

Mother-in-law landscaping.

I figure it's been a while since we've posted a video, so I'll be posting a few from my "day off." As you can see, I did have some help with this project. My trailer is to low slung to make it up her steep driveway, so this is how we moved it....1 and a half ton of it.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My second day with the President.

Well, I always think of a million things to write in this journal when I'm out and about, but then somehow it never makes it to print. What follows are just a few things I encountered during the couple of days I've now spent at Jimmy Carters home working on his DirecTV.

First, to answer Rachel’s question,  the Secret Service folks were not in suits. They were dressed pretty much as the president was in jeans and button up shirts. They did however, have the earpieces and chatted on them quite often, considering that there really wasn't much going on. They would constantly relay our position as we moved about the house and out to the dish which I actually appreciated. I don't really want to startle one of these guys. One might think that these fellas have an easy assignment considering they have a very easy going boss who basically lives out in the sticks. BUT, what most wouldn't count on is the fact that he pretty much goes out hunting every day for whatever is in season. This morning he was turkey hunting. Monday was a fishing trip. I found this out because I asked why they had a winch mounted to the front of one of the black Suburban’s in the drive. The agent explained that a LOT of the president’s excursions are not on paved roads. While telling me about his hunting trips he said "the President is a very patient man" and this was said more than once. Reading between the lines I don't think this young man was real wild about hanging out in the woods so much, but he didn't say it that way really. They all talked very highly of their charge.

There are three full shifts of agents that cover the man at all times. I'm guessing that there are at least five agents per shift, maybe more depending on the daily activities. They have about a three year tour of duty, and of course none of them are from South Georgia. In some ways this may be best because they wouldn't have the distractions that being at home brings. There really is very little to do in the part of the country where theyare stationed. I found out yesterday that one of them was reaching the end of his tour and today heard President Carter tell him that he would be missed and that he was glad he got to see him before he moved on.

It is very surreal to be sitting on the couch with a Nobel Peace Prize winner explaining his new remote control to him. What I didn't really count on was the speed at which he picked it up. I've had harder times giving my "spiel" to middle aged computer programmers. Oh, and I think his eyesight is better than mine, even with contacts in.

Most customers I meet now as a supervisor are normally upset about something or at least feel they are owed something. It's part of this job and I'm pretty good at putting out fires. But, I also deal with a lot of very self-important people that for some reason or another think they are above us mere ham-and-eggers. It did my heart good to know that this man, once the leader of the free world, appreciated the fact that Raymond and I went out of our way to make this little upgrade a rewarding experience for him.

It is very odd to have a president’s secretary’s number stored in my cell. It is even odder to know that the man himself has my cell number....he asked for it. Debbie said that if he uses it, I'll have to get a "hail to the chief" ringtone.

Oh, although I haven't mentioned it yet, Mrs. Carter was there and was just as nice. She didn't really seem to be worried about any of this gadgetry though.

It is hard to address anyone as Mister President. I'm sure if you had it to do everyday it wouldn't be a big deal. I found myself pausing before I said it each time, so I mainly went back to my Army ways and used Sir most of the time.

And one last thing; All DirecTV techs have "The Story". The one or two customers that never leave your mind…. Pro ball players, actors, writers and that sort of thing. Up until now my "go to" stories mainly involved the Auburn sorority houses and the wonderful things I've seen there. Well, to all the other installers in the this one sucka!


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Me and the President.

Ok, I'm not going to even justify anything about political leanings or anything else concerning the above picture. Besides, I've got a picture of mom and dad with the same guy. But, I will say that it is rather odd to be working at President Carters house and have him there engaging in normal conversation with Raymond and I the entire time. I was a little freaked out actually, to the point that I had to google some things about how to address him before I headed that way. It was actually wasted time, because he is as down to earth as any other customer I meet daily....but I don't have to get a background check to get into most of my other customers homes....nor have I ever been followed by secret service into an attic before. The other guy in the picture is Raymond, my tech that lives down that way. He grew up in Plains, basically right across the street. The lady that runs the house is a family friend of his.

Anyway, two of my best friends in the world are democrats...dare I say even liber...lib...naw, I won't dare say it.


Oh, and I'm not going to justify that gut either....there is simply no exuse for that.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Music player.

Well, I tried to add a player with the songs listed below, but of course AOL doesn't want to use the html code. So, I've added it to my myspace page if you want to check it out.