Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My 9/11 entry.


I suppose I'll do a 9/11 entry. I don't look at it the same as most, but that's not much different than any other time.

9/11 is Deb's birthday so before I left I told her that if anyone tried to screw up her birthday call me so I could kick their ass. I arrived at our office to see everyone circled around a TV getting the information on what had happened. My first instinct was to go buy ammo...so I did. It was good to see that I wasn't the only one thinking this way, but it wasn't a mad rush either. Other than listening to talk radio in the truck all day, it was a work day like any other. There was a weird "feeling" in the air, but I'm at a loss to explain it. Sort of a cross between impending doom and marshal law...I prefer the latter. In some ways I hoped that this would wake people up to the fact that the government can't protect you, no matter how much taxes they take, and how many freedoms we give away each year in the name of said protection....quite the opposite, most blamed the government for the attack, then promptly sit by while more rights were taken away..."to keep this from happening again." Yeah, right.

So, we go to war. I went the first time, when there was a clear cut reason and mission...get Saddam out of Kuwait. It was none of our business, but we made it ours, did the mission and got out. Somehow 9/11 has given our leaders a license to stay in the hell hole indefinitely with no clear mission or reason for being. Osama is now called "impotent" by our White House....right, because if we got him you have one less reason to be there.

What is the answer? I really can't dream one up. Both parties are the same. Both will present another talking head, voter turnout will be less than the weekly American Idol votes. I actually may not vote this year, because I don't like anyone. I liked Bush...back then. At this point I'd be happy to see Democrat control of everything just because the Republicans have ran things like the mob for the last 8 years...I mean really, how could the Dems screw it up? OH, how about a joke ticket...Woman and a black guy that's a Muslim. Good Lord, do they just not want the job?

Anyway, there is nothing where the towers once stood because NYC politics are as screwed up as the nations. The big hole in the ground is a tribute for the terrorists to visit. Superpower my ass.

Oh yeah, Deb did call me.