Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tagged by mom.

It seems I've been "tagged" by my mom. For this I'm supposed to list seven songs or CD's I've listened to recently and the tag seven other people. I'm skipping the last part because I don't think that seven other people read this, and the two that do have already been tagged!

Anyway, here goes....

Everyday is a Winding Road by Cheryl Crow. This is part of some commercial recently, and I catch myself humming it constantly.

Vermillion by Slipknot. This is the default ringer on my cell phone, so I here the first verse of it several times per day, but I still end up singing with it.

Down with the Sickness by Disturbed. This one is Al's ringtone on my cell, and it scares folks to death when it goes off in public places. Last week in the bank line I thought folks we going to bum rush me after it went off.

Into the Mystic by Van Morrison. The song I want played at my funeral...I listen to it at least weekly.

Enemy by Fozzy. Who would have thought a wrestler from the WWE would be a good singer?

The Ecstasy of Gold by Ennio Morricone. This is the most well known song from "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" but it is also the intro song to my favorite radio show on XM, so I hear it daily.

Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash. I've been catching a piece of this one on one of the XM commercials and usually have to finish up the verse that he begins in the commercial.

Ok, there ya go.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Hard work weekend.

As you'll see from the pictures, we've had a busy weekend here. I finally finished the paver project in the back. Some of these pictures suck because the stupid camera wasn't on auto as it should have been, but you get the idea. I ran out of daylight so I can't retake them at the moment.

The next big project will be tearing down the old shed. I've got the rent a dumpster and then I'll get some help over here to rip it apart.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Life it good...and short.


Ok, so we are on the subject of mortality. That's a good one, and something I think about often, though not in frightened way.

I've been "fortunate" enough to have been involved it things that will wake you up real quick to just how fragile life can be. One minute your a bunch of bad assed MF'ers that can't be touched, and the next your trying to keep your buddy from bleeding out even though it's obviously a lost cause. Damn, we were supposed to play cards that night.

I will say that I've been pretty far separated from every families members death. The Army seen to it that for most of them I was at least 700 miles away, and in Grandpa Allen's case I was on another continent. As mom says, "they won't know your not here." Well said. I did go to a bunch of funeral's a couple years ago. The one that saddened me the most of Brother Jack Fryer, the pastor of the church that we lived beside. The main thing that got me at that one was his poor fragile wife Joyce standing there and my knowing there was a bunch of useless vulture kids waiting to pick his bones. Of course my buddy Rooster didn't have a funeral, he just had his son come pick up his ashes, which now sit on a window sill in Phenix City, Alabama. I can actually see him when I drive by the house.

Dad has always warned me that time picks up speed the older you get. I'm getting to an age that I'm starting to notice exactly what he's talking about. Because of that, I will err to the side of fun rather than work if we come up with a weekend getaway or adventure to tend too. Whatever needs done will surely be waiting on me when I get back, right?

I spent most of last Sunday on a motorcycle ride with son-in-law Tim. A more glorious day has never been wasted so thoroughly. Here is the catch though...while enjoying life we both temped fate on several occasions. For one 20 mile stretch I'd say the average speed was pushing 120. And of course there was the last leg home where we both topped 150. All it would take is a flat or a dog in the road to ruin that ride rather permanently.

Oh well.

No one here get's out alive.

Friday, March 2, 2007

WWild Weather Evening.

When I left for Montgomery at 6 am yesterday morning, Weatherbug said rain with a chance of thunderstorms all day. By 1 pm the sirens were pretty much going off non-stop. Both Al and I were working on a project at the warehouse and couldn't leave until around 5 pm, so the ride back from Motgomery to Columbus was about as heavy a rain as I've ever drove in. It actually lightened up a bit when I got closer to Columbus so I thought the storm had passed me......NOPE, I had passed the storm. By the time I got home the sirens were going off here. Either a tornado or some bad assed winds tore down several buildings less than 2 miles from where I sit typing this. Half the town is still withough power this morning. School is out because several roads are closed with trees across them.  Our power went out a couple times, then finally staid off 'til around 2 am this morning.

I can't say it was a rough night for us. Deb does tend to get excited running around in the dark with a flashlight in one hand and a scanner in the other. We ended up crashing on the couch for a while, then went to bed.

Today calls for sunny and 70. I'm off. I guess I'll go survey the damage on a motorcycle....yeah, that sounds like a good plan.