Sunday, May 20, 2007

woodmotorsports's AOL Pictures Public Gallery

woodmotorsports's AOL Pictures Public Gallery. 

Here is a way to see the pictures in order with my wonderful comments. Well, sort of in order...from bottom to top.

Demolition Day.

Another big project got scratched of the "to do" list today. Deb had the camera going most of the afternoon, so there is quite a few pictures here for your enjoyment.

The pictures start after quite a bit of work had already been done. Cullen came over Friday and we got the roof and front wall down, then I worked on it some Saturday evening.

I'm not really wild about the way AOL is now forcing the "artsy" photo albums, but I couldn't see a way to disable it. These are pretty self explanatory anyway, though I noticed Deb did throw a couple of the car in, I guess for good measure. (Edit: I seen Rachel is having the same problems. If they wouldn't "randomize" the damn things it would flow better. According to mom's link, this should be fixed this week then I'll go back and put some captions in to explain all this)

I do need to publicly thank Cullen and Tim for the help. They both made this project way easier than it would have been alone. I'm used to doing the things by myself and won't ask either of them for help, but they pretty much volunteered their time and it is appreciated. When it was all said and done Tim left quite a nice gift behind that deserves extra credit thanks. I don't think I've ever had help that left me gifts at the end of the day. Deb was great keeping us in cold water, lunch, and documenting the entire ordeal digitally.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Powered Up!

Well, I finally finished pulling power to the shed. Now that it's on, I can't believe I waited so long....but of course, the 6/2 cable isn't cheap! I've got 60 amps of 220 out there, so I should be covered for most anything that I could cram in the little shed.

I've rearanged things for more space, and it worked out much better than the way I had it in Waverly Hall. It looks cramped in the pictures, but it's really pretty roomy now. Any LIGHTS! I added all the lights that I've picked up along the way...from Dad, Kevin, Rachel, Greg, and wherever else I found them. I've got enough light in there to do surgery now. It was actually quite a project. I ran conduit months ago, but had to pull the wire through it, into the attic, and down into the panel in the house. And speaking of panels, the shed now has it's own panel thanks to one of my team members, Trae. He gave me one that he bought for a shed and never installed then moved into an apartment. Anyway, now I can get a lot more "stuff" done in style.

Friday, May 11, 2007

A good birthday.


I think Deb has figured out how I like a birthday. As anyone reading this knows, our family didn't make huge deals about birthdays. You get a cake, you get a present, and you move on. Deb's crew on the other hand, tend to blow things out of proportion with parties and all that.

I headed to Montgomery as I do every Thursday, but when I got back to Columbus, I didn't do much more for the company. In fact, I left on the motorcycle for a quick ride. We had the entire gang over for pizza, they sang me Happy Birthday, gave me some birthday cards, and gave me a very nice humidor. It is sitting behind me right now with a wet sponge in it getting seasoned so I can fill it with some nice smokes. Speaking of which, Deb got me a couple of my favorites that I don't usually get because they cost to damn much. My birthday cake was a tiramisu with a 4 and an 0 on it. Very good call there babe!

I got my blog from Mom, a call from Dad on he break at work, and a call from Rachel's gang with another rendition of Happy Birthday.

Yeah, that's about just right.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

One more for now...I've been talked into going with the gang to the Cotton Pickin' Country Fair with the girls.


Cat's out of the bag.

Well, I had several pictures ready to slowly reveal the new car, but then I let the cat out of the bag in talking to dad this morning, so I guess I'll go ahead and start posting them anyway.

The hood scoop is functional.

More vehicle changes.

It seems like things stay the same around here for months at a time, sometimes a year....then changes abound. I've not got to ride a lot in the past week, but have "personalized" my little bike some. I installed aftermarket "3 finger" levers, an entire replacement for the taillight/fender thing, and handgaurds with blinkers in them to replace the monstrous stock items.

Wednesday was very busy. I had wanted to go to the Motorcycle safety foundation class which would have took the place of my riding test for the motorcycle license. Unfortunately it had been cancelled at the school closest to me and the rest of them were to far from home. So, I headed up to take it the regular problem. I went from there to home to get the van and headed off to trade in my broken cell phone. No charge, and they just gave me a brand new phone...gotta love that. From the NEXTEL store I headed up to get my van aligned and get new tires installed. Two hour wait she says....every other time I've heard that it means at least four hours. But, it was Debs day off so I called her to come pick me up so we could run for a smoothie and hang out. While "hanging out" Deb was talking about trading the truck in, and how she didn't know how it all worked. I tried to explain it, but I guess if you've never been through that whole thing, maybe it would seem mysterious, so I said let's go up there and see what your wanting.


Well, now I've got a trailer I can't tow. Here is the clue:

Yeah, things happen. I would say I should have sit and waited for the van to get fixed, but it ended up staying the night and wasn't done until 3pm the next day.

Two hours my ass.

Natalie, my little bike will barely top 100mph, and it is a handfull at that speed. BUT, I've got one I can get whenever I want that will do 172mph....just not with me on it.

Dad, it is a new one, and if you look closely there are passenger pegs there, but Deb ain't getting on anyway. She's holding out for a wing.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Supermoto (also called Supermotard due to its strong foothold in France) is a cross-over of motocross and road racing. Races are commonly held on road racing tracks with an off-road section in the infield; approximately 70% tarmac and 30% dirt. The motorcycles used are frequently custom-created combinations of off-road motorcycles and road-racing rims/tires. Riders also wear a combination of road race and offroad equipment, normally leathers and a motocross helmet and boots. Unlike normal motorcycle racing, the emphasis lies on slower (<100 mph / <161 km/h), short and twisty tracks, where skill matters far more than outright machine performance.


Ok, so that's what it is, and here is what it looks like:

It is a Suzuki DRZ400SM (supermoto) and it's quite a riot. This was taken at the dealership when I picked it up, and I've since replaced that ugly assed tailight/fender thing. Anyway, this is the reason I've been skipping school lately....well, that and trig.