Monday, December 19, 2005

A fun cold day in MOntgomery, AL.

Yep, still alive. Here is a short update.

Every time we have a conference call, or get more paperwork added to the daily grind, I wonder if maybe it is time for a change of carreers. But then, I start thinking about having to work under someone, and do the same things everyday, and figure I better not jinx myself.

This was today's project for me and my right hand man, Al. Al is my lead field trainer and I'd hate to go back to doing my job without him around.

That mess is pointing at 7 different satellites! We had a helluva time messing with things to get it just so. The dish on the far left is a new system, so we were basically making sure we knew our stuff before we have to go teach the rest of the gang how to set it up.

Friday we had another cool job setting up a new cigar bar in Columbus. It's always a lot of fun to get several of the best guys on one job and knock it out while BSing the whole time.

Anyway, I think I'll stick with this a while longer. Who needs a boss anyway?

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Itunes fix.

Well, this one is blather at it's best, but I've caught up on all my forum reading, and it's not bed time yet. Feel free to ignore...

Ok, to start with I was playing Windows pinball and talking to Deb about something and the song "Swing Town" came up..couldn't remember who sang it so I had to bail from the pinball game to find out, else I'd loose my mind. Turns out it was Steve Miller of course, but that got me on a mid-80's music train of thought. About the same time that song came out, The Bangles did a cover of Simon and Garfunkels  "Hazy Shade of Winter." Their version kicked ass then, and thanks to Itunes I found out that it still stands pretty good today....

Then this brought up another thing..why is it women don't like women singers? I had the Bangles at top volume, and when done asked Deb, isn't that a "hohum" from her, then found out she didn't care for them. I've heard mom mention that she doesn't care for many women artists either. And our friend Liz, who sings in a bluegrass band once said something about Alison Krauss being ugly! What the hell gives here?

Anyway, if anyone wants to check out some good stuff, or do a little emule/napster/itunes searching, check out the following and tell me how can't you like this shit???????

Bangles: The previously mentioned S&G cover of "Hazy Shade of Winter", and "Following."

My favorite lezbo's, The Indigo Girls: "Nashville"

Cheryl Crow (w/Kid Rock): "The Picture"

Patty Loveless: "Here I Am"

So, now here I sit, going through the vast Compound Music Vault, dredging up tunes I haven't heard in a while. If I think of any that I don't have, I search emule first and if I come up empty there, I'll pitch in a buck to the Apple empire to buy it at Itunes. After all, it's better than loosing my mind, right?

Have a nice day.