Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Latest toy

Well, I've moved as you can see. I'm sure this blog will be just as busy as the old AOL one was....not very. This one doesn't have my font either, which sucks.

As promissed, here are some pictures of my AR15 I've been building piece by piece for the past month. Actually some of the parts have been in the safe for years wating for this one to come together. There are only two pieces of the entire rifle that were bought outright, the rest were traded/wheeled and dealed into.

The laser and sight are both infrared so when I get some night vision I can kill zombies in total darkness.


Donna said...

Your dad was duly impressed.

Kellin Smith said...

Greetings. :)

We just launched Columbus bookoo - a massive online yard sale for Columbus and surrounding areas. Thousands of people buying and selling used stuff from each other, in a family-friendly way. :) Here's the website:


We're getting the word out to some local bloggers, and would like to send you a free bookoo t-shirt (no strings attached!). If you would like a free t-shirt, will you send me an email at kellin@bookoo.com with your address and shirt size? I'll get it out to you right away.